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    Upgrade Expandable Faux Privacy Fence - Grass Wall Panel Artificial Hedge

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    This product is highly flexible, and the green leaves will look less after stretching in order to achieve the best decorative effect, most customers choose to buy 6 or more

    1* Retractable Fence
    • Tightening length of retractable fence: 16*41cm
    • The retractable fence normally expands: 40*60 cm
    • The retractable fence is fully expanded: 30*200 cm


    🏡Beautify your yard while creating instant privacy in minutes, with our faux Ivy expandable privacy fence with a willow wood frame.

    🏡Amazing lifelike leaves are blooming from the basket or the wall. Our artificial English ivy vine hanging plants not to be missed let you feel the beauty of nature and save your room space.

    🏡The fence is a willow wood, and the artificial green vines on the top are artificially tied. It is very realistic and makes your garden full of green and full of vitality.

    🏡The wooden stakes are driven into the soil, and the wooden fences can be fixed with a tie or wire. Simply arrange them to make your garden look different.

    🏡Densely packed leaves: Privacy fence leaves are placed close enough to provide blockage from harsh sunlight while also allowing airflow through the open netback. 

    key to being green forever, leaves are attached to the frame.

    🏡No maintenance, no watering, no trimming, easy to clean with water, unlike real ivy where rodents nest and infest.With wonderful, well-proportioned

    🏡This retractable wooden fence can be used for shopping mall decoration, KTV bars, restaurants, parks, and other places for holiday activities with green Vines, which is an excellent view.


    • Retractable Fence
    • Fence - willow, artificial green vine





    you can use the expandable faux ivy trellis horizontally or vertically, which blends beautifully with natural landscaping and hide unwanted areas.

    It creates an intimate ambiance in your garden, expandable to create an instant privacy fence screen covered with faux ivy leaves, flexible, expands, or contracts to your desired dimensions and privacy.


    Question: How long does this last in all weather??

    Answer:  Currently we have had ours up for 3 years and is just now beginning to show its age.
    >> By Beth 

    Question: Will this work for the lower part of the fence?

    Answer: You could use small zip-ties to attach it to a standard metal fence very easily. Mine is attached to the metal railing on my patio.
    >> By Sara 

    Question: Do the leaves seem like they can hold up in a windy area? There is a, sometimes strong, crosswind in front of my balcony.

    Answer: Ours is up against our fence to block the view of our backyard neighbor's yard. Our dogs love to see their dogs bark and scratch at the fence. We just went through a few days of heavy rain and wind, and not one leaf came off. Still looks new; granted, it is still pretty new, but we are happy with it.

      Upgrade Expandable Faux Privacy Fence - Grass Wall Panel Artificial Hedge